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by Lisa Berry

As a family owned business, Brett and I have always believed our business is about more than just providing finances. We’re grateful for all we’ve been given and are honored to give back to our community. This is why, at DekTile, we are passionate about supporting local nonprofit organizations. Two of the organizations that we are passionate about supporting is DuckHorn Outdoor Adventures and Christ Prep Academy.
DuckHorn Outdoor Adventures is an organization that offers outdoor programs for veterans and first responders and their families. Brett has served as co-chair to the board for many years. Through his work at Duckhorn, Brett provides opportunities for veterans to spend time in a healthy outdoor environment, involved in fun, positive activities. He networks with veteran groups to make them feel welcome.

Noah, Lisa, and Gabby enjoy a family pheasant-hunting event hosted by DuckHorn Outdoors Adventures.

“Our mission at DuckHorn is to revitalize the lives of the citizens of our Heartland community through life-changing experiences, in a healthy and safe environment, using outdoor activities to support our rural community. We accomplish this through unplugged outdoor adventures, conservation programs, and education and volunteer opportunities, in collaboration with other organizations that share our vision.”

At the DuckHorn property, about an hour south of the Kansas City Metro area, Brett cultivates the plant and animal life. He develops, plants, and manages the ecology and habitat at the property. In fact, how Brett began his passion about DuckHorn when he took the declining population of quail in the Midwest personally, and ordered hundreds of quail eggs and an incubator and set up a hatchery in our garage in Brookside. We hatched hundreds of baby quail in our makeshift urban ranch before introducing them into the habitat at DuckHorn

I wonder how many of the quail hatchlings made a quick snack for my cat back in those days.

As Assistant Coach, Brett helps the 2019 Christ Prep Junior High Patriots learn the fundamentals of the game.

The Christ Prep Football Program is another organization we are passionate about. The program teaches core values such as confidence, courage, humility, and self-discipline in young men using the skills and disciplines football offers as a teaching device. The team is also unique, being self-funded and run entirely by volunteers.

Brett works one-on-one with a player, teaching proper tackling form.

I contribute to the Christ Prep football program by writing content for the gameday program when the team needed bios for each of our volunteer coaches. Later I pioneered the inclusion of a half-page profile for each of the senior players in their final year with the team. I also co-chair the annual fundraiser gala and can be found working concessions at most varsity home games.

Our son Noah (#23) plays at linebacker, and our daughter Gabrianna (far right, grey shirt) works as a team assistant at games and practices.

Facebook: DuckHorn Outdoors Adventures
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Facebook: Christ Prep Football

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