• Taking the Heart of the Home Outdoors

    Taking the Heart of the Home Outdoors

    After a long winter here in KC our family is ecstatic that the weather has turned and we can finally spend time together on our patio! Over the last decade we noticed the increase in our customers installing outdoor living spaces to allow spending time outdoors more enjoyable.

    The kitchen is the heart of your home! It’s the space where you prepare meals for the ones that you love. Why not take that experience outside?

    When customers want to include an outdoor kitchen to their DekTile patio the first thing we look at is the size of the existing space. Do we need to extend the patio to create more room? When the McDonnell family contacted us to help transform their backyard they had an existing patio that they wanted to extend to add more sitting room and they wanted an outdoor cookings space!

    The issue with extending an existing concrete patio is the difference in color. The McDonnell’s were wanting the space to have a cohesive design to their patio. This is one reason why customers love the DekTile option is that it allows the space to look like it was always there.

    McDonnell Patio And Outdoor Kitchen Design

    The second step is choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen as well as the appliances desired for the space. Durable materials are important components of any outdoor kitchen. By choosing natural materials it really causes the space stand out, but more importantly stands against all types of weather!

    Here in this space the McDonnells chose a stacked stone with a limestone countertop

    The McDonnell’s already had a grill that they wanted built in. We added in a side burner, a trash can, and a cooling drawer. Also, thanks to Fusion Electric we added in led lighting all through out their space.

    The McDonnell’s finished space includes an outdoor kitchen, 600sqft of the Midwest Blend DekTile patio, 3 sets of updated steps and new led lighting.

    By incorporating a outdoor kitchen station into your DekTile patio design, the chef gets to prepare meals while entertaining their guests! Outdoor kitchens create the perfect environment for outdoor entertaining. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or a dinner party with friends outdoors an outdoor kitchen space is a place to gather around: have drinks and serve food while creating memories!

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  • Together Around the Fire Pit

    Springtime in Kansas City is one of my favorite times of year! The temperature is raising and we can finally get out and enjoy time outside. As the evenings approach the cool crisp air creates the perfect environment for enjoying time around a fire pit. It reminds me of the first fire pit Brett built for us!

    Several years ago we bought a charming house in the beautiful neighborhood of Brookside located in Kansas City, Missouri. Being a family of four our cozy little house was fairly small. We knew right away that we needed to somehow create more options for our family to gather together as well as a larger space to entertain our guests year round. Being the great husband that he is, knowing that my 41st birthday was approaching and how much I love sitting around a roaring fire, Brett decided he was going to build me the biggest fire pit he’d ever built! My birthday is in February, so you can imagine my surprise when I glanced out my kitchen window and saw our amazing crew working hard building this firepit on my actual birthday!

    Our loyal friend, Halle jumped right in. She always knows where the action is. When it was finished the fire pit provided an inviting centerpiece for many of our family gatherings and backyard parties.

    A majority of Brett’s outdoor living design spaces include a fire pit or an outdoor gas fireplace, so I know I am not alone when it comes to enjoying time around a warm fire. Here are just a few designs that Brett has built over the last several years.

    This one has a naturalistic feel, as it overlooks a pond and several acres of woodland. The fire pit was one component of a larger outdoor living area where Brett incorporated porcelain tile for a modern DekTile finish. We love the way this DekTile platform ties together the rustic environment with a sophisticated aesthetic.

    Pictured above Brett used amix of natural stone on the vertical surfaces and DekTile pavers on the ground level making this firepit absolutely stunning. Added was a built in sitting wall which creates a warm and welcoming feel to the space.

    This fire pit sits on a DekTile inset within a beautiful larger flagstone patio that really accentuates the beautiful DekTile pavers.

    Whether it’s roasting marshmallows, sipping a glass of wine or just propping your feet up, there is something special about sitting around a fire pit with family or friends.

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