• Who is DekTile?

    Who is DekTile?

    This is Lisa Berry, my husband, Brett, and I have been working on bringing our DekTile process to the market for the past 10 years.

    Lisa and Brett Berry operate Berry Outdoor, LLC from their home offices in Olathe, Kansas.

    DekTile operates under our parent company Berry Outdoor, LLC, which Brett and I founded 17 years ago during our first year of marriage. We’ve worked together as long as we’ve been a couple. If you were to ask friends they would agree we are complete opposites, but together we completely balance each other with our strengths and abilities. That’s true in both our marriage and our business. Brett is the lead designer and head of all construction, and I handle the finance, marketing, and administrative side of our business.

    We have two kids. Our son, Noah, is a Sophomore at Christ Preparatory Academy. He plays football for Christ Prep, loves dogs, and enjoys outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. Our daughter, Gabrianna, is an eighth-grader at Christ Prep. She competes on the Pinnacle Gymnastics Team, loves crafting and organizing, and basically loves all animals. We’re all animal people so it should come as no surprise that we have as many animals at our home as humans. We’re proud parents to three dogs: Halle, Libby, and Scout, and a sweet, three-legged cat named Midnight.

    In our spare time, we like to be an active part of our community. Brett coaches football at Christ Prep (which feels like a second job August through November.) I do some writing and editing for the Christ Prep football team. I also mentor several young adults through our church. Brett also volunteers for veteran organizations G300 and The Battle Within to help military personnel recover from the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress.

    Brett instructs one of his players on the Christ Prep Football team. Coach Berry always wears a white visor — we call it his “coaching uniform.”

    Owning a business in landscaping you learn what customers are looking for, what works and what doesn’t work in creating outdoor patio designs for homeowners. What we love about DekTile is that it can dramatically increase the beauty and usefulness of any outdoor spaces.

    We like to approach our outdoor renovation projects with an integrated design model. We don’t want your project to look like an add-on. So, we really work to utilize the style elements of your home and existing outdoor space to incorporate them into our design. Our goal for your project is that it will look like it’s always been part of your home.

    We know you care about who you invite into your home. We bring that same consideration to the people working on your property during a renovation. Since you’ve trusted us to work where you live, we approach hiring very carefully. We want you to have confidence in the contractors we bring to your project. We hire strictly through referrals. Our referrals come to us through two channels: Our industry affiliates and our community of faith in the Kansas City area.

    We appreciate your support of our endeavors and send you our blessings!

    In case you missed our Christmas card, here we are in December 2018: Gabby (13), Brett, Lisa, and Noah (15).

    Who is DekTile?